Discover the Capital of Paraguay

Asunción vacation

In the heart of South America lies a unique and enchanting city called Asuncion. The city has a population of a little over 1 million and is located on the banks of the River Paraguay. How’s that for a capital city? I guess the other half of the city must really be considered a ghost town.

But wait, the Asuncion was also called as the City of the River. In this day and age it really isn’t all that ghostly looking. Modern day Asuncion is a combination of the both and has a great mix of the new and old. There is a lot of Nestle cheese available, as is Casablanca and Buenos Aires spirit. I’m a real sucker for both and have an extreme fondness for both. From the new charter bus on the streets, to the spotlight treatment of the asparagus, I gather the signs of a love for Paraguayan food.

The new Asuncion highway I am on my way to is called Progresso No. 1. An hour’s drive north of Asuncion, on the side of the highway is the city called Tela. Just a little further on is the main shopping and business area for the area, known as Centro Artesan. This is the place to venture out and grab a bite to eat or drink. On the weekend, there are many tourists here helping to build up the economy. Dollars go very far in Paraguay, so it is important to be able to get hold of them.

Two other popular destinations in the Asuncion area are the Asuncion-Maipo district and the Tela-Ha Long shopping district. The first area offers a range of restaurants, shops, accommodations and quick visits to the nearby market. The second offers a much more upscale shopping experience, private accommodations and finest restaurants made with artistic iron made with the most accurate iron works. Behind the shopping area is the Pampa district, renown for being the home of the “tiesta” as the lunch time meals here tend to be a little larger than other restaurants. The restaurants themselves offer a mix of top rate quality and casual style.

Asuncion is a great place to get a family together for a vacation. There are a variety of activities to take part in while here, offering something for everyone in the family. You can find nude recreation and spas for those who enjoy auddhani. You can also visit the museum of the mountains, considered to be one of the best in the world. If you are looking for a more laid back vacation, the Asuncion Casa de Campo Resort offers a massive swimming pool, a relax spa, a large pool house, a hamburger joint and much more. For those with a taste for the sensational, hilly and awesome; Asuncion is certainly a paradise for travelers, art enthusiasts and history buffs.

The fact that there are still relatively few tour operators in Paraguay means that the competition between business owners working in the largely illegal trade is much fierce. The businesses are smarting on the talents of the excellent youth combining adventurous spirit with a work hard attitude. The result is a cheerful and talented amalgam of young people with a great work ethic and great love for country. There are also a large number of schools in Paraguay catering to the growing numbers of foreign students. There is also an increasing hippie vibe in the area as more and more students venture out of their comfort zones to dance and drink the night away. The retirement age in Paraguay is not as high as it could be. Therefore, opportunities exist for hitchhiking, teaching English and other work skills.

Travelers in Paraguay should use care and caution when choosing their potential residences. The level of crime in Paraguay is generally low, but opportunistic thieves are quite common. It is best to use your head and know your worth before you make a move. The first and foremost thing is to be cautious of anyone asking you for directions. Most locals can give you a good hand when it comes to navigating you around the city.

At night, still keep an eyes on your things. Just as you would at home, use a safe, difficult to steal and keep your money and valuables close to you at all times.

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