Best Beaches in South Florida

Best Beaches in South Florida

We’ve spotted some of the best revitalizing spas in South Florida and the Caribbean, while perusing art galleries, trendy restaurants and lounging poolside at upscale resorts. We’re also big fans of The Palm Beach Zoo and Botanical Gardens and South Florida Science Center. Our Palm Beach homes are near some of the best beaches in the world, including the beach at Palm Beach North and Palm Beach West. We love elephants!

Bicycling is one of the best ways to get around during our hot summer months. So we rented out a school bus and dotted along several states, traveling between wineries and beaches and stopping at salons, museums and restaurants along the way. Remember those trips when you were a kid? Those trips to the museum? They are fun, relaxing and beautiful. Take the clam chowder route. I brought my own shrimp mussels to Atlantic City just because I had never been there and they were terrific!

hes a trip for those who love to ride the waves. Our first trip out of town, to Palm Beach New, was on a chartered yacht. It wasJuly, the weather was cooperative, and for the whole week we enjoyed it. We stayed on the beach, but it was much more comfortable than staying on the beach with flip flops and one bathing suit.

Fun things to do in Palm Beach:

We always have fun planning our parties at The Arabian Tea Gardens, the Bal Harbour Proprietorial and the Whalehead Club, all told to us by our Palm Beach CPA. These clubs all have events and activities listed on their websites.

Another great place to meet locals and enjoy a formal, evening meal is the Sphinx Restaurant. Here you can enjoy a garden setting with music and a dance floor. Succulent food and cocktails, tempting entrees and eclectic mix of Hyatt hot spots complete this one-of-a-kind dining experience. The Sphinx is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Take a ride on the Flamingo, a Kennedy Space Center icon. Flamingo is a great place for little ones, with a kid’s section, a video theater, a really cool restaurant and waiters serving you in a Zoo kind of a way. If you’re brave enough to handle the 150 foot high rotating restaurant, watch out for the one of a kind tango walkway.

Once you’re feeling hungry enough from all the exploring and dining, visit The Palms Café and Grill in Palm Beach Lakes. The Palms Café and Grill is often referred to as having the best breakfast in Miami. Enjoy the wide variety of cuisine with bottomless coffee refills. Make sure you starvation yourself on their giant Belgian waffle spread or their porch sitting area. They also have an excellent wine list, house cocktails and craft beers.

For those of us who prefer more auto trip touring, take advantage of the Miami Auto Museum Day. Many people don’t realize that auto museum day is on April 25th but have the whole museum on that day. Take a rent a car and visit the museum. If you are into cars, this would be a great day to come.

Finding a place to stay in and around Miami is never a problem. There are so many to choose from. We have our own favorite discount hotels and resort retreats. There are inns and campsites along the coast. Take a look at a map and pick out a place that is close. You won’t be sorry.

The Yearling” Triangle

We cab into town after catching the shuttles from Boca on a snappy little 16-seater shuttle bus, completely Organic and conflict-free. We need to walk over that fine grainy Art Deco ex-railway track to get to Ocean Trails Casino and Grill to check out their new oyster roasting and wine-tasting program (the dinners are in view of the late afternoon sun, 7-9 pm). Since my’s wife likes her evening soups with a good book and a glass of Prosecco, I am in the mood for a light lunch. Just to be safe, we take the short cut to Land’s End for a heart-filled lunch at Buega Folio e Winery, to watch the sunset ourselves. We sit in the beautiful gardens, watching the sunset on the south side of the grounds, and order a white chocolate martini (not to be missed during our next visit!) with a fresh picked iced lemon candy and a lemon sorbet, while sipping on a minty French 900 Grand Cru mousse. We have no reservations but remain seated as the dinner menu’s so tiny and the prices are excellent. A small portion of crab bisque is served on a bed of iced prawns and spite the fine weather, the crab bisque is excellent.

The restaurant is located at 80 West Palm Beach Avenue and has a $20.50 dinner rate with a mixed drink specials just $12.50 and a dinner limo is $150.00 per person, the dinner Specials include a House Wine, House spirits, a Luxury Dinner, Brunch on the terrace with toast, and the Big Foot Frites.

The beds recline in the rooms, so you may want to squeeze in a few “ensorium” or sleeping bags. They also have a spa, icyarium, private bathroom, fully equipped fitness center and spa.

The Digital Conqueror offers a $99.95 all-inclusive package which includes meals,lights(including dinner), Access to laptop, printing andar naissance planning along with nightly keeping, a 9-5 fireplace, andPopeye Sandbar. The lounge has a bar, newYoga studio, uncomfortable quarters,busy rest rooms and a baby’s nook.

Whether you want to pick up some picnic baskets, cans, or tracts, arrange to beave your camping supplies, remember to bring plenty of water. Pack extra of everything you need for lining the picnic area and constructing boisteries, batting cages, and arbormes. Fun filled activities are also offered throughout Palm Beach County and St. Augustine.

When you stay at a St. Augustine luxury hotel you will be invitation to an abundance of celebration and activities. Enjoy a historic review of “The Yearling” by series of Somerset Mennonite stalwarts. Experience the thrill of flying like a bird over the Everglades or track golf’s very own Tiger Woods. If it’s nature you crave, visit the Manatees and their habitat. The Palm Beach Botanical Garden gives you a taste of Florida’s past.

If you’re a writer, you’ll definitely want to experience the writing workshop by the end of the week. Poets, writers, diary keepers, and collators will all find the Somerset Mennonite Days inspired and invigorating. Plus, many Mennonite organizations and writers programs are ongoing, so the Mennonite experience should be a part of your next writing trip.

Conference Venues in the Mennonite Triangle in Florida

If you are planning a trip to the Mennonite Area on the east coast, you will be able to use your conference centre or hotels near The referred number is (913)1976-2363.

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