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Kerala is a south Indian state located in India. It is a popular tourist destination and can be easily accessed through air, rail and road transport. When visiting Kerala, it is advisable to opt for India Houseboat Tour as it is the best way to get to know the culture and tourism of Kerala.

On choosing an online hotel in Kerala, you can enjoy the choice of luxury and comfort that they offer. One can also choose from tours to popular tourist sites. There are various types of tours available. Folk tour, hill station tour and cultural tour are popular among tourists.

The best places to visit are:


This is the capital city of Kerala which can be reached by air, rail and road transport. It is a bustling city full of life and movement. Free shuttle bus services pick up tourists from all prominent corners of the state and take them to the city.


The main commercial area of Kerala is Kochi. It is a bustling city full of life and movement. Free shuttle bus services from all prominent corners of Kerala provides tourists a smooth transfer.


Munnar has a hill station feel to it. It is a very popular tourist destination. Because of ever increasing travel by air, trade routes from Kerala and regional countries are going to increase, tourism will be a part of Kerala.


Travel to Alleppey, a striking backwater site is a delightful experience. It is a famous place for tourists who love boating, fishing and revelry. It is a famous destination for Kerala Backwater and Kettuvallam tour where tourists can enjoy the fascinating beauty of canals and waterfalls, exciting real estate and hill stations.


Kumarakom is a group of islands situated on the banks of the Vembanad Lake. Marquette Island is the most popular one of all. It is a home to luxurious hotels and resorts. Visitors can enjoy scenic surroundings of the sea and enjoy numerous leisurely activities like water sports and bird watching.

Karnataka and Kerala

Karnataka attracts numerous tourists specially honeymooners. Snow is the major attraction in this Rajasthan and Coorg region. Sambal Pothi, one of the sweetest land can be found in this region. Visitors can enjoy ski and boarding holidays at Mountbattu, Shanghumugham, Nakhumthaugam, and Pochdagiri. Many dramatic events take place around the regions, like Naga fairs and Yparediganga area. Yparediganga area is known for its isolated and lone society. Visitors can witness the attractive folk dances and music of tribal people.


The Hampi excavates were discovered in the year 1993. The area and tombs have been turned into a heritage museum, which is now a heritage hotel. Tourists can see a selection of Dishes, artefacts, furniture, and the king’s throne in the museum. A nearby mosque is also a great place to buy souvenirs, since the products are skillfully carved and decorated by artisans from across the globe.


This is a group of little huts located at the end of a steep, forested path. The hamlet is surrounded by dense vegetation and can be silent at certain times of the day. Nearly 12,000 people live in this group of about 15 huts. Hotel and resorts are available to accommodate tourists with industrial restaurant design. The Sinakka Patrical Library, Pagoda Theatre and Koothambalam Temple are places worth seeing.

Some more places you can visit include Gomantong Train Station, duplicate copies of the Indian bank notes, Dakakadhana Groves, Design Centre, and Edwin’s Kaleida Amaze shrine.

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