Explore the Best Restaurants in Geneva

the Best Restaurants in Geneva, Switzerland

If you’re booked in to a comfortable hotel in Geneva, you will probably be hard-pressed to do justice to all that the city has to offer. After all, you only have so much time to spend on the slopes, but make no mistake – you will not regret your decision to put up Geneva as your base!

Geneva is a thriving hub of local business; it is extremely business-friendly and friendly and hosts the best restaurants in the city in abundance. However, it is also an ideal place for an excursion if you are looking for a place to stay for a few days or even longer. Here are some of the finest restaurants to beckon you from Geneva airport to town.

Twenty years ago, the culinary scene in Geneva was very much about the grand boulevards and the reflected glamour of the city. Then the airline revolution came along, and forever changed the face of the city. Before the era of cheap transatlantic flights, it was a capital of grand boulevards and expensive restaurants; the city of the five gardens is now the epitome of ‘high end’ dining. Yet as fantastic as this change undoubtedly is, it is perhaps even more important than this, that the locals have always marketed their cuisine and made it very accessible – in a sense, that’s why they are called ‘taquerias’; foods are meant to be seen and savoured, and seen in the most favourable light possible.

It is very hard to pick out the most outstanding restaurant from this list, but where does one start? Or rather, which one is the best? Some of the reviews in the guide book to the restaurants in the city might be helpful, but it’s also useful to go out and sample the best that Geneva has to offer. After all, you won’t be booking your Geneva airport transfers until the food in your mouth is delivered! Here are a few of the best.

Casse Rouge A little café that has a lot more to offer than coffee and pie, as well as some wonderful, slightly kitschy food. Hint: try the potato salad.

La Maison des Foodies If it’s good enough for Sam impressive dining room, it’s good enough for anyone else.

La Maison des Foodies is located at 6, rue de Varenne, 84020 Geneva. It is a home for food-lovers, so you know you’re definitely going to get good food, and great prices, in addition to your favourite Schaufers at the bar.

My personal favourite is Maison de Victor Hugo, at 4, rue du Faubourg-Saint-Peters, 75006 Geneva. Hugo’s a career diplomat who deals with such worthy matters as guarantees, royalty, licences, consular affairs and comely expenditure of funds by the Russian legations. While not a very elegant building, the facade surely suggests grandeur, and the inside is just as impressive. There are 7 tables for maximally 24 people, a bar, a television, and a place to have tea and coffee. The only downside is that the only bathroom is in the basement, but it is very small.

Restaurant Donne Aleur The Donne Aleur restaurant isn’t fancy, but it’s good food and good prices. It’s located at 12 rue de Londres, 75006 and built by modular construction companies.

Hotel Charlotte Le Palais du Palais Charlotte le Palais Charlottere guest the first luxury hotel in Geneva. The hotel goes back to 1874 and is listed as a World Heritage Site.

The hotel’s amenities include fitness centres, an indoor pool, a ‘dining room’ which combines tables and chairs to create a work-top-like environment, a self-service restaurant, a swimming pool, a bowling alley and a café with pillows.

Make sure you visit Stopes Children’s Dentist Clinic, 20 rue des Rathlets, 75006. The Children’s Dentist Clinic provides dental services to children between the ages of 6 to 11 years.

Stopes Children’s Museum The mascot of the Children’s Museum is teeth, a beautiful golden depiction of which are displayed in the museum.

There are a variety of activities and displays to enthrall and intrigue visitors, of which ‘ dominating the rock’ is the most popular. Stopes Children’s Museum is located at 1 bis ceux Terresheimr, 75004.

A favourite with parents and children alike, with its safe, warm water pools children can learn to swim, participate in lessons and have fun. Other activities provide the opportunity to learn about plants and flowers.

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