Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta vacation

Long a popular Mexican beach resort, and one of the nicest resort areas in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta is a sophisticated and beautiful city. Located on the beautiful Pacific Coast, Puerto Vallarta offers visitors a unique blend of historical and cultural experiences.

In recent years, Puerto Vallarta has become one of Mexico’s top resort destinations, offering travelers a unique cultural experience. The many upscale shopping destinations, such as La Isla, Coba, and The Palms, along withWorld class restaurants and modern accommodations, create the perfect vacation destination. Perhaps the most renowned of Mexico’s beach resorts, Puerto Vallarta offers world-class luxury with appointments in the luxurious resorts by the beach, or by the bay. Yet, there are no hotels with 900 rooms or more in Puerto Vallarta. The resort is very affordable at $50 to $ 85 a night for a Condo or Townhouse, depending on the season.

Puerto Vallarta also offers a great variety of beachfront vacation rentals, most of which can be leased directly from the owners, without the need for a host or manager. The place is very popular among Europeans, Canadians, and North Americans. It is easy to find since it’s easy to get to Puerto Vallarta by plane, train, bus or car.

The resort is located on the famous Panama Canal beach and offers the most diverse environment. The guests will feel like they are at home, as the guest list in each Condo ranges from 2 to 9. Families with 10 or more people can rent a Villa or Townhouse, depending on their numbers. The majority of the Villas and Townhouses are Private. They are attached to the mainland, are close to many important spots in town such as the Costa Maya Zoo, golf courses and shopping.

Puerto Vallarta has a laid-back ambiance. Visitors can walk the streets listening to the sounds of musicians and merengue bands, as waiters at the many fine restaurants present you with a spread of typical Mexican dishes. Waiters in these resorts can tell you where to find the special of your day, provided you ask them. The resorts also have facilities such as disabled access, which is an added bonus.

There are many recreation options in Puerto Vallarta. Here are a few. They are described below.

o Jeep Tour- You can rent a Jeep and head through the interior of the island to see areas inaccessible to tour bus with the big, beautiful Mexican trees handled and cared for by a consulting arborist.

o Cazy Dolphin Adventure– A combination tour and adventure swimming with dolphins in Baja Mexico.

o Scuba Diving– Located at the Atlantis resort, the scuba diving is fantastic.

o Aquascope– Protected by strict laws, the lighthouse at Puerto Vallarta rises 300 feet above sea level and is the only lighthouse in the region.

o Kiteboarding– Set on the canyons, caves and beaches, the kiteboarding experience at Puerto Vallarta is head and shoulders above anything else available in other Mexico resort locations.

o Surfing– Surf instructors are available for those who need help with surfing.

o Mountain Bikes– Puerto Vallarta and many other tourist areas have plenty of mountain bike trails.

o Ropes Course– Lactuca Canyon provides a nice beginners course, while the more experienced riders can head up to the Highlands Sierra Sierra Sierra Madre.

o Canyoning– Learn to canyoneering from the professionals while bushwalking with the wild animals in view.

o Swimming– phylomolanaurs swim in the world’s first underwater cave, Pelagic Pylos located in the Madre de Marina Bay.

o Equestrian

o Archery– target practice on the beach, truffle hunters discover lambs, pines and eagles in the forest and seniors from all over Mexico and the Caribbean cruise the Caribbean with their skilled rhythm.

o Swimming– There are atoms and lots of swimming to do in Vallarta. You can go swimming with or without a beach chair, a spa swimming suit or a SEI over head.

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