Where to See Wild Crimson Bellied Conures While on Vacation

Crimson Bellied Conure in the wild

Bird lovers know that these birds (also known as Pyrrhura Perlata) are among the more colorful and most beautiful conures of their species, that’s why people know to call them crimson bellied conures. Besides, they are easy to spot as they can be differentiated in simply sighting from other birds, so it is not necessary to be an extremely bird’s expert tourism to be able to identify these birds.

Besides this, they are not only striking, but these birds have a very particular lifestyle, so observing them in their natural state is a spectacular experience.

Here we tell you everything you need to know about crimson-bellied parrots and where you have to travel if you want to see them in their purest and freest state.

History of crimson bellied conures

The first reports of this parrots were made in 1824. Originally the experts considered that there existed a sub-species called Pyrrhura Perlata Lépida. But today this one is considered as a completely separate species.

By the 1950s, several zoos already had at least a couple of these parrots. Still, it was not until the then football player Pélé made his presentation with these birds at the Universal Exhibition in Rotterdam, that they began to know each other and even have fame.

Only a few crimson-bellied parrots could be imported to Europe and America because they inhabit a huge and isolated area; however, nowadays, it is not as common to see them in captivity.

Where can you see wild crimson bellied conure when on vacation?

If you want to witness these beautiful birds in their wild state, you must travel to South America, specifically in Brazil and Bolivia.

Crimson bellied conure is usually seen gathered in flocks of small size, besides, they can be found, sometimes, with other birds in mixed groups, when this happens is usually with the Winged Cat or even the Painted Parakeet. But some people have reported seeing larger family groups. They can be seen often descending into streams, or even to rivers, in order to take a bathe or drink some water.

They are widely located or found in Brazil; more specifically near the south-centric zone of the great Amazon, but also in the west of Pará and in the west of Amazonas, such as in the Madeira and southern Tapajos river basins. These birds have been also seen in the north of Mato Grosso, Ríos Roosevelt, besides Aripuana.

These conure species generally live in rain forests with terra firm, forest clearings, and can probably be found in the drier formations in northern Mato Grosso.

There are some reports of these bird flying somewhere in the east of Bolivia, inside of some fig-dominated forests, and in some near areas; that is why some people tend to believe that this conure is widely distributed to Santa Cruz and, also, to the east of the Mamoré River in El Beni.

crimson-bellied parrot

Crimson bellied conure’s main characteristics

  • Pyrrhuras Pearls are a family of parrots and the Pyrrhuras species, and have the most brightest colors. They immediately attract attention, although when they are growing, the red coloration on the belly and chest that characterizes it does not show as much intensity.
  • At first, they are greenish with crimson feathers. After their first period of molting, they become the spitting image of their parents.
  • They have tender yellow to brown cheeks. Their forehead, nape, and crown are pale black with tips that have a velvety texture. There are areas where this creates an illusion that the feather’s shades are mottled, especially at the ends of the tips where they start to show some shades of blue.
  • They have the small coverts of the wings in a shade somewhere between green and brown; on the other hand, the large and medium coverts are mainly blue.
  • Their flight feathers, for its part, are commonly blue on the top, and pale gray and green on the outer ends.
  • Their underwing coverts are of a beautiful deep, and bright red color. Their throats usually are of a dark brown shade, but this color is also found on the sides of the neck and the upper part of the chest. Subtle blue markings and velvety textured tips can also be noticed, giving it a scaly appearance.
  • These birds have a bright crimson belly and chest, that is their most characteristic feature; a bluish-green color can be noticed on the underside of the tail coverts, and above it is mostly brown both it can include some blue and green feathers.
  • Their beaks are brown, almost black. They have a light gray ring around the eye; its Iris is dark brown, and its legs are dull black.
  • It is quite challenging to identify, which is the female and which is the male because they do not have many physical differences. Usually, the surest way to find out is through a DNA test.
  • Its most marked characteristics are its intelligence and its great independence.
  • They reproduce between the periods of April-June and August-November. They usually nest in tree cavities, and their incubation period is 25 days. They can have up to 9 eggs, but the most normal is that they lay 5.
  • They have a varied diet, as they love to eat seeds, flowers, fruits (especially ficus), and even some small insects and little worms.

Crimson Bellied Conure’s fun facts

These birds are very eye-catching and a delight to watch in the wild, but they have so much more to offer than just pretty plumage. Here are some fun facts about Crimson Bellied Conure that you should know:

They make little noise

Crimson Bellied Conure is one of the calmest birds of their species because their natural calls are usually rather discreet and gentle. This helps them not to attract their natural predators in the wild.

They have very good health

Although they seem fragile birds because of how cuties they are, the truth is that they can reach up to 30 years of life in their natural state. Compared to other species of birds, the Crimson Bellied Conure live a long and full life.

These birds are very sociable

Unlike other birds that tend to be more territorial, crimson bellied conures are quite friendly with other species. In fact, it is easy to observe them interacting with other birds of the same size or smaller without any problems.

pair of crimson-bellied conures

Tips for ornithological tourism

Ornithological tourism is the activity of traveling to other places to observe wild birds in their natural habitats. Bird watching is a hobby that hooks adventurers, and as a natural growth, it leads them to want to travel to meet new species each time.

The observation of wild birds in freedom is a playful, social, inclusive activity suitable for all ages, accessible, pleasant, healthy, educational, and respectful with the environment.

It involves walks in the open air, group outings to enjoy and contemplate nature, artistic expressions through photography and drawing, or participate in species identification, research, and conservation programs.

Even if your main goal is to see a crimson bellied conure on your vacation, it is impossible not to fall in love with the general nature of these Latin American countries. We assure you that it will end up becoming a journey through the nature where the observation of the rest of the fauna, flora, landscapes, and natural phenomena have a perfect place.

Recommended equipment for bird watching.

  • Comfortable clothing in discreet colors that can be mixed with the environment: The most appropriate clothing for your tour is, in short, the one with camouflaged patterns. In this way, you will avoid attracting attention and causing the birds to be scared.
  • Binoculars: In general, wild crimson bellied conures are scared when they get very close (like all animals used to their wild environment); therefore, binoculars are vital to be able to see them in detail despite not being close.
  • A camera that has an optical zoom lens: If you have the possibility of carrying a camera, it would be ideal if you integrated an optical zoom lens so that no detail of these beautiful birds is lost.
  • Bird guides in the region: If you are not from the area, it is extremely risky to do the tour on your own, so the most sensible thing to do is hire a guide to dedicate yourself to delight in the landscape and thoroughly enjoying yourself.
  • Comfortable shoes for long walks or rubber boots if you go to swampy areas and lagoons: These birds love wet areas, so you may find yourself with a lot of mud while doing your tour. Hence, it is best to put on some good one’s rubber boots so that you are more comfortable and do not damage your other footwear.
  • Insect repellent: It is super important that you bring insect repellent because wooded areas are full of these.
  • Sunscreen, cap, or hat to cover yourself from the sun: Taking an ornithological tour translates into many hours of observation and, on some occasions, walks. It would help if you tried to keep your skin protected with sunscreen.
  • Large backpack: You should always carry water, food, and the rest of the equipment; therefore, the most comfortable thing is to take a bag with which you can have everything you need to move around without any problem.
  • A notebook to write down characteristics of the birds, place, day, and time: If you are a fan of diaries, scrapbooks or if you want to record every detail of your trip, and the beautiful crimson bellied conures, it is advisable to have a notebook that you use specifically for the tour and to be able to have a beautiful memory full of a lot of information.
  • First aid kit: This point is super important; you should always be cautious when you go on a tour because emergencies may arise that must be attended to immediately or that can be solved without the need to go to a hospital.
  • Audio recorder (to record the sounds of birds): Although these birds are not that loud, seeing them in the wild where there are hundreds of the same species helps to perceive their song better. To keep it as a souvenir, it is advisable to bring an audio recorder.

Good practices

The bird watcher must have a respectful behavior in nature. It is important to remember that the preservation of birds, their environment, and respect for people should be your priority:

  • Avoid disturbing and stressing the birds or exposing them to any kind of danger
  • Know the local laws, comply with the regulations established for the public use of natural areas, administer permits, and respect the peculiarities of the locals
  • Limit photographic activity and avoid using artificial lights, flashes, or recordings of bird songs to attract their attention. These types of practices are very dangerous, especially during the breeding season, since the sounds can confuse the birds and even lead them to leave their nest or expose them to predators
  • Minimize the trace of your presence by staying on existing roads.
  • Save the garbage and throw it in the closest container, this can help to take care of the quality, of the soil and prevent a fire
  • Keep your distance to observe nests or nesting colonies, courtship or breeding areas, and special places where crimson bellied conures feed
  • Do not touch the nests, extract eggs or chicks
  • Don’t try to get their attention by clapping your hands, throwing rocks, or shaking bushes
  • Keep quiet, especially in breeding areas
  • The birds perch on the eggs and young to protect them from heat or cold, if they become frightened and temporarily abandoned, leaving them exposed and vulnerable
  • Contribute to local businesses and hire local guides
  • Enjoy nature without disturbing or altering the flora, fauna, cultural resources, and the experience of others
  • Do not alter the natural course of wildlife, particularly those related to reproduction and feeding

It is crucial to take into account the weather conditions. Excessive wind or heavy rain reduces the chances of seeing crimson bellied conures. The time of day is also essential.

It is always best to watch birds at sunset (from 3 hours before sunset) and in the morning (during the first 3 hours after sunrise), the worst time being when the sun is too high. In any case, remember that it is always necessary to avoid noise, and above all, you have to be patient and, why not say it, luck.

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Vacation Hotspots in Montgomery County, MD

Montgomery County, Maryland

Montgomery County, MD boasts of stunning beaches, amusement parks, attractions, entertainment, and historical sites. Also, there’s a diverse range of beautiful landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts. It’s no wonder most families throng here for vacations. If you’re planning for your next vacation getaway, we’ve compiled the top Montgomery County vacation hotspots for you.

Let jump right in!

Great Falls Park, MD
Great Falls Park

Great Falls Park

This is an 800-acre park located where the Potomac River builds a series of jagged rocks, before flowing to Mather Gorge. It’s popular for birdwatchers, fishers, bicyclists, and equestrians. And because of the Potomac River waves, this is a great place for canoeing and kayaking.

Within Great Falls Park, you’ll find Billy Goat Trail. It’s broken into three sections, the northern part being the rockiest. Take a few minutes to scramble over the rocks and look at the majestic view of the river.

If you show up early, you’ll spend the whole day enjoying trails away from the noisy streets.

chesapeake and ohio canal
Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

Chesapeake and Ohio Canal

If you love spending time outdoors, you can enjoy scenic views and kayaking at the C & O canal. Over the years, this has been a hub for outdoor activities like biking and bird watching. For nearly a century, Chesapeake and Ohio Canal was a passage for boats carrying lumber, coal, and other products. Today, the park has a network of campsites and landmarks that you can enjoy.

Take a trip back in time at the Great Falls Visitor Tavern and stay overnight. This is one of the six historic lock houses and canals managed by C&O Canal Trust. Most historians describe the Chesapeake Canal as one of the finest Montgomery County vacation hotspots.

Beall-Dawson House
Beall-Dawson House

Beall-Dawson House

If you’re a history buff, the Beall-Dawson House will meet and exceed your expectations. Built in 1815, Beall desired to build a home that would reflect his wealth and status. It was designed to impress both in and out. In 1965, the house was bought and became part of Montgomery’s history headquarters. The first two floors feature history collections and changing exhibits. Last time we were there we were not able to tour since they were having a plumbing issue with grease trap pumping.

Whites Ferry in Maryland
Whites Ferry

Whites Ferry

The Whites Ferry operates at Potomac River between Leesburg and Poolesville. Located about 6 miles from Montgomery County, the ferry is used for crossing the river between Maryland and Virginia. Today, commuters use the ferry every day with over 24 vehicles at a time.

If you want to get the best of your vacation, you should visit the area during spring and summer. You’ll find grills and picnic tables for a family gathering.

Glen Echo Park
Glen Echo Park

Glen Echo Park

The Glen Echo Park showcases numerous art studios and has hundreds of performing arts like glass, ceramics, photography, and more. Being one of the top Montgomery County vacation hotspots out there, this park brings over 350,000 visitors per year.

Since 1968, Glen Echo Park has been serving the larger Washington area. This was after the government acquired land to prevent development under the Potomac Palisades River. Since 2010, the park has undergone extensive renovations under Montgomery County.

seneca creek state park
Seneca Creek State Park

Seneca Creek State Park

The park includes a 90-acre Clopper lake, fields, and dense forests. This is one of the best Montgomery County vacation hotspots where you can have a picnic, play, or rent a boat. But what makes the trail unique is that you got to enjoy over 50 miles of trails.

If you’re a novice hiker, you should take the Schaeffer Farm Trail. For those who need something more daring, the 16.5-mile Seneca Creek can be a great place to explore. If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view, you should visit the trails mid-May and June when the gardens are in full bloom.

Another remarkable feature is the Lake Shore Trail. It offers continuous views across the woodland and is a great place for wildlife observations. After you cross the small bridge, hikers can choose to walk past the marshy area.

The park is easy to find and costs about $3 for MD residents. A lot has gone into arranging this majestic park to what it is today. Perhaps the most exciting thing is the water-related creatures placed in a way that they reflect the water surface. Most families bring their kids here during the sweltering summer days.

Patuxent State Park in Maryland
Patuxent State Park

Patunex River State Park

The Patunex State Park is located in Montgomery and comprises of 6700 of natural farmlands that are primarily used for hiking, fishing, and horse riding. It was first recognized by Montgomery County as a natural resource worthy of protection in 1961. Today, the park remains one of the most beautiful Montgomery County vacation hotspots.

The park features a catch a trout system and has unmarked equestrian trails. It also tells great historical enthusiasts. Since many properties comprise the river, you’ll find a variety of amenities. Also, vacationers choose this place as their perfect spot to explore things like:

  • boat ramps
  • campsites
  • bird watching
  • hunting
  • pavilion
  • fishing
agricultural history park
Agricultural History Park

Agricultural History Park

This scenic 455-acre park consists of an apple orchard and rolling hills. Once you get there, you’ll get a unique perspective of the rich farming heritage. More specifically, you’ll learn everything about the future of Montgomery County Farming. The four miles of hiking surface is great for horseback riding and kayaking.

Besides exploring more than five miles of trails, the park offers exciting events and workshops. The Agricultural History Park runs several programs for the community.

The Mansion and Music Center at Strathmore

The Mansion and Music Center at Strathmore

Are you looking for weekend plans in Montgomery County? Well, the Mansion and Music Center at Strathmore has more to offer than any other outdoor fun options. This is home to world-class performance and is designed for audiences of all tastes. It features:

  • 100-seat Dorothy M and Shapiro Music room
  • A concert pavilion
  • Two floors of exhibition spaces
  • Outdoor sculpture gardens

To ensure your enjoyment, the Mansion offers a stunning setting and unmatched catering facilities.

Round House Theater maryland
Round House Theater

Round House Theater

The Round House Theater seeks to captivate audiences through stories that evoke emotions, inspire compassion, or demand a conversation. It has a sitting capacity of 400 people and produces about 200 performances per season. Besides that, they operate an education center that spread across the region.

Over the years, this theater has managed to establish a long-term relationship with artists. Even better, they welcome patrons of all ages.

downtown silver spring maryland
Downtown Silver Spring

Downtown Silver Spring

Silver Spring was once an unincorporated community in Montgomery County. Located just two blocks from Silver Spring, this establishment features a selection of restaurants that offer different cuisines to satiate your taste buds. Whether you need frame-grilled chicken or handcrafted salads, you’ll find them here.

You can also catch the latest Hollywood Blockbusters at Majestic Theater or shop at Designer Shoe Warehouse. Downtown Silver Spring also hosts many events like the Silver Spring festival. But what makes it one of the best Montgomery County vacation hotspots is that it offers many entertainment options for every traveler- from historical architecture, ice skating, family entertainment, and everything in between.

pike and rose maryland
Pike and Rose

Pike and Rose

Pike & Rose is arguably one of the latest downtown centers. Since 2014, it has become the hottest weekend and evening destination in Montgomery. You can try California-inspired cuisines or catch a drink with friends. Other than that, you can enjoy a movie in an upscale setting with pillows and reclining chairs. After that, you can head to pinstripes and enjoy your favorite Italian Cuisine.

Rio lakefront in Maryland
Rio Lakefront

Rio lakefront

Built in a small lake in MD, Rio is one of the top Montgomery County Vacation Hotspots for dining shopping, or just going for a walk. Located at the heart of the Downtown Center, this establishment offers authentic American cuisines. During summer, kids enjoy a ride at the carousel that is located in the lakefront. You’ll also find families enjoying outdoor concerts.

While there, you can catch a movie at AMC Loews Rio or enjoy sizzling fajitas at Uncle Julio Mexican restaurant. You can also explore boutiques like White House Black Market, Francesca’s, and South Moon Under. Whether you need a place for shopping or dining, Rio Lakefront will provide entertainment for the whole family.

Blockhouse Point Conservation Park Trail in MD
Blockhouse Point Conservation Park Trail

Blockhouse Point Conservation Park Trail

It’s one of the popular Montgomery County vacation hotspots that give the cultural history of the Potomac Valley. The 630-acre park shows exceptional things that form part of the historic civil war complex. Most of these ruins hold a national significance. More specifically, you’ll see the materials and supplies used by men who were stationed there.

You’ll find natural features like:

  • River rock outcrops
  • Floodplain forest
  • Palustrine wetlands
  • Mature upland forest
  • Endangered and threatened species

In total, there are seven hiking trails. Those marked `hard surface’ and `natural surface’ are shared by bikers, equestrians, hikers, etc. Biking is not allowed in this area except for the muddy branch greenway trail. Be sure to check the map in the parking area, or you might end up very far from the ruins and views.

Mathew Henson Trail in MD
Mathew Henson Trail

Mathew Henson Trail

Mathew Henson Trail spans 4.5 miles at the intersection of the Dewey Road and creek local Park. It’s named after Mathew Henson, a native and arctic explorer. The trail consists of a tributary of Rock Creek, so you’ll find bikers, hikers, and people of different skills exploring the local fauna and flora.

If you’re a true nature enthusiast, there’s a trail that runs through the forested green space between Anderton Road and Rock Creek Trail.

At the southwest end of the trail, there’s a course that runs through Mathew Henson Park. The trail continues through the Bel Pre Neighborhood Park and ends at the eastern terminus that connects the northern and southern parts of the Elton road.

What makes Mathew Henson one of the most sought after Montgomery County vacation hotspots is the fact that all trails are well-maintained. As you head to the woods, you’ll see bridges that cross some significant intersections. Besides that, the trails are smooth and have a good width for cycling.

National Capital Trolley Museum in Maryland
National Capital Trolley Museum

National Capital Trolley Museum

The National Capital Museum evokes discovery, exploration, and learning. Since it opened its doors in 1969, the mission has been to preserve the history of Washington electric street ways. Their collection includes:

  • Streetcars from Washington
  • A file program
  • Washington streetscape from the 1930s
  • Traditional exhibits of railways artifacts

You can take a ride on the streetcars into the woods to get an idea of how life used to be 130 years ago. What was in the forest? What was the land like? You can spend time looking at the exhibits on the walls, and you’ll carefully see where the amusement parks were.

Before you leave the National Capital Trolley Museum, you’ll understand how life was without electrical power. This is another popular Montgomery County Vacation Hotspots for history buffs.

Glenstone Museum in MD
Glenstone Museum

Glenstone Museum

Glenstone integrates nature, art, and architecture into a contemplative environment. Guided by the vision of the founders, this museum assembles World War II artifacts and historical shifts between the 20th and 21st-century. These facts are presented in refined indoor and outdoor spaces to create a meaningful encounter for visitors. Since the museum opened its doors, it has remained one of the most visited Montgomery County vacation hotspots.

Your experience begins at the Arrival Hall, a modern building with a minimalistic design. The next stop should be at the Pavilion. Here, you’ll find the split rocker – the museum’s signature piece. The collection is considered the best in Montgomery County.

Inside, there’s a 50,000 square feet of exhibition space that includes individual spaces for art. Some of the exhibitions are custom-built while others rotate. At the center of the pavilion, there’s an 18,000-square foot court with seasonally changing plant life.

The museum has two gallery buildings and outdoor sculptures. As you enjoy your vacation, you’ll find provoking-provoking pieces of art. The guides will appear throughout the voyage. Apart from the expansiveness of the property, the museum is graced by the tranquility of nature. If you love art, you can be sure you’ll truly be immersed in the body and mind during the museum experience.

If hunger strikes during the exhibition, the museum has a café.

Little Bennett Camping ground in Maryland
Little Bennett Camping ground

Little Bennett Camping ground

Whether you want to savor the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin or pitch your tent, Montgomery County offers several camping options for outdoor enthusiasts. Little Bennett is the closest RV Park is the perfect place to go while camping. This is an opportunity to step back in time

Final words

Montgomery County brings a rich history and new culinary crossroads right on your fingertips. The above vacation hotspots will put outdoor adventures right at your fingertips. You can explore the scenic lakes, hiking trails, and more. If you’re a history buff, you’ll love the publicly accessible historical attractions in the area.

It’s time you have a vacation of a lifetime!

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Why Miami is Such a Great Travel Destination

Miami travel

Life on the beach is always more relaxing, and those who go to Miami know that well. If you are planning to take a well-deserved vacation, change of scene, and, of course, recharge your energy, Miami is the best option you can count on.

And it is that Miami has it all: beautiful beaches, activities at all hours, and fun for all tastes. Without forgetting that in this place, it is possible to find a cultural mix without comparison. We are going to show you everything you can experience during your vacation in Miami.

What makes Miami a magical place?

Miami has a vibrant pace of life and has an energy that gladdens the soul of those who goes to this land. It’s not just about Miami Attractions, but it’s also very colorful, Latin and Caribbean influenced.

Another advantage of going on vacation to this place is that you can go at any time of the year since you will always have your fair dose of heat and sun assured, which is why Florida is better known as “The Sunshine State.” In Miami, it is possible to find, in addition to beaches:

  • Fantastic shopping malls and places
  • Unique nightspots
  • Hotels with excellent customer service
  • Delicious and multicultural gastronomy
  • Neighborhoods representative of different cultures
  • Friendly treatment and happy people
  • Caribbean cruises

Miami is a warm place, although the temperature will vary throughout the year; in fact, it is recommended to go in the period between December and March if you have little tolerance to heat because the ambient temperature is a little warmer in this era.

On the contrary, the period between June and September is usually the hottest and most humid, although it is still bearable by most of the people. The least recommended season to travel is from September to October, as there is a risk of running into a hurricane.

Nevertheless, in general, Miami is perfect for visiting at any time of the year and enjoy all the attractions it has to offer. It is recommended to spend at least 3 or 5 days to visit this place, although it will be much better overall for the experience if it is possible to add more time to the trip.

Top 10 Miami Attractions You Should Know About

This city has something for every taste, and you don’t have to look long for hidden places, since the town makes everything available for visitors to have the most pleasant experiences. Here are some of the top Miami Attractions you should visit:

Bayside Marketplace Miami
Bayside Marketplace

1) Bayside Marketplace

Bayside Marketplace is a shopping center that has more than 150 stores available to visitors and is one of the most important Miami Attractions. The types of stores are so varied that they can be found from clothing stores to handicrafts, restaurants, and much more.

But this place is not only a place to go shopping, it is also an excellent place to go for a walk, learn about the local culture thanks to its charisma, and eat in any of its restaurants. Bayside Marketplace regularly hosts concerts and shows on special occasions.

Ocean Drive

2) Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive is possibly one of the most popular Miami Attractions. This promenade is usually very visited by people, so it is always active. It is located in South Beach, and here it is possible to find the most popular hotels and restaurants in the entire city.

It is common to find people skating, listening to music in the street, having a tropical cocktail at any time of the day, and much more. This without neglecting that here it is possible to find beaches with transparent water. In fact, this place is so well known that it has been the setting in many top-rated movies, like Scarface.

Little Havana Miami
Little Havana

3) Little Havana

It is impossible to talk about Miami without mentioning this neighborhood. Here you can find the largest number of Cubans within the United States, making it one of the most important neighborhoods in all of Miami.

All the life of Little Havana revolves around 8th Street. Here you can find artisans making the so popular cigars, along with Cuban restaurants that will captivate your senses, shops with upbeat music, and, of course, a great aroma of freshly prepared Cuban coffee. Visitors can even take a walk on the Walk of Fame, which celebrates the most famous Cuban stars.

This neighborhood is very colorful, lively, and fun. Undoubtedly, visiting it is an experience that causes intrigue in tourists, since it is a sample of a genuinely particular and unique lifestyle, where everyone is part of the family, and this is why is one of the most important Miami Attractions.

Art Deco

4) Art Deco District

This place is cataloged by many as Miami’s soul, while others do not fully understand it, but if one thing is sure, it is that nobody is left indifferent in this place. In this district, it is possible to find hundreds of buildings designed with the particular Art Deco style, since most were built between the years 1925 and 1940, and renovations have been carried out to continue being one of the largest, most glamorous Miami Attractions out there. Now I had to do a lot of SEO Miami (Google searching) to find a lot of the Art Deco style buildings for the tour I took so I suggest doing the same.

When visiting this destination, it is possible to hire the services of a guide, or even rent an audio guide. In both cases, it will be possible to take a walk through the district, learn more about the characteristics that make this architectural style so unique, and, furthermore, learn about all the most important buildings in the area.

Some of them are:

  • Art Deco District Welcome Center
  • Colony Hotel
  • Park Central Hotel
  • Waldorf Towers Hotel
  • Edison Hotel
  • Breakwater Hotel
  • And the Victor Hotel.
coral gables near miami
Coral Gables

5) Coral Gables

If you want to go somewhere that will take your breath away, then you must go to Coral Gables. This neighborhood is made up of large mansions that are surrounded by beautiful gardens. The Mediterranean style mostly inspires Coral Gables, but it also has vestiges of the colonial, Italian, or French styles.

One of the reasons that Coral Gables is one of the most important Miami Attractions is that you can perceive a feeling of perfection in every inch when walking through this place. Here you will find lodging options, a one-of-a-kind pool, and even one of Miami’s most important shopping streets: the Miracle Mile.

Little Haiti in Miami
Little Haiti

6) Little Haiti

Little Havana is not the only neighborhood made up mostly of foreigners, as Little Haiti also exists. In this site, it is possible to see, first hand, the traditions, habits, and customs of the Haitians, in addition to which it is possible to walk and discover shops.

Here it is possible to buy souvenirs and trinkets, as well as exotic items. Likewise, it is possible to try some of the Haitian gastronomy thanks to its varied typical food stalls. These food stands are mostly casual cuisine, but it is usually delicious and, best of all, inexpensive.

Another point of interest in Little Haiti is the Church of Notre Dame d’Haiti, where you can see religious celebrations with truly Caribbean rhythms. Part of this place’s magic is that it is possible to experience a completely different culture without leaving the United States.

Coconut Grove in Miami
Coconut Grove

7) Coconut Grove

This site used to be a separate city from Miami, but it became part of this place over the years, and thus it became one of the most important Miami Attractions that it is possible to visit. Coconut Grove is widely recognized as being quiet, peaceful, and possessing great natural beauty.

Geographically, Coconut Grove is located near Coral Gables, south of Miami. It has lush vegetation, and the bay in the area (Miami’s Biscayne Bay) has waters of such a beautiful blue hue that they can hypnotize you.

One of the main attractions in Coconut Grove is CocoWalk, which is a three-level shopping complex where it is possible to find shops, restaurants, coffee shops, and even cinemas for all tastes.

South Pointe Park Miami
South Pointe Park

8) South Pointe Park Miami

One of the most relevant Miami Attractions is that it is the perfect place to disconnect and experience peace. Here it is possible to carry out a large number of activities, such as practicing yoga, taking a morning walk, walking, taking pictures, and much more.

Likewise, the entire area is equipped for visitors, with playgrounds, hammocks, benches, and other options, where they can sit and enjoy the view or read a good book. It is also common to find yachts, jet skis, and jet skis cruising the sea.

But South Pointe Park is not only beautiful during the day, but at night it becomes a magical place thanks to the particular neon lighting of the area, so it is possible to go and relax while enjoying the night breeze. It is important to note that even though this site is very popular with locals and tourists, it is effortless to find a place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere at any time of the day.

Wynwood Arts District in Miami
Wynwood Arts District

9) Wynwood Arts District

If you are passionate about art, then Wynwood is the best Miami Attraction for you. This place is the equivalent of SoHo in New York, since it is also where the main art galleries of the city congregate.

Here it is possible to attend various exhibitions throughout the year, as well as visit studios of influential local designers. This place is really bohemian, and you can see the art in every corner.

For example, there is Winwood Walls, a group of more than 40 murals by international artists that are renewed every year, which can be seen for free or pay for a guided tour where you will learn more about each of the pieces exhibited on site.

But Wynwood is not only about delicacies for the eyes, but also for the body since here there are several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs that must be visited because the nightlife of the place is among the most important in the entire city.

Miami Seaquarium
Miami Seaquarium

10) Miami Seaquarium

If you are traveling as a family, the Seaquarium is the ideal place to visit. Here it is possible to swim with sea lions or seals and watch the killer whale show. But that’s not the only thing this Miami Attraction is famous for.

At the Seaquarium (one of the largest aquariums in the United States), it is possible to put on a diving suit and explore a sunken ship, which is a unique and unrepeatable adventure even for the smallest of the house. But not only is there an entertainment option, but in this activity, it is possible to learn a lot about marine fauna, ecosystems, conservation, and much more while spending a unique and different moment.

Also, here there are all kinds of tanks with impressive exhibits, among which sharks, crocodiles, manatees, and even penguins stand out. Everyone will surely enjoy seeing these species up close.

Tips for traveling to Miami

There are thousands of reasons to go on vacation to Miami, so if you have already made your decision, here are some tips that will help you make your trip an unforgettable experience:

Duration of your trip:

As we mentioned before, with a minimum of 3 days, you can visit some of the leading Miami Attractions. However, if you really want to enjoy everything this place offers, it is advisable to allocate between 7 and 10 days. With this amount of time, you will be able to get to know Miami and even some of the attractions near the city.


It’s sunny in Miami, and it can be considered a tropical area, so you must use sunscreen, especially if you come from a cold climate. This will help prevent you from experiencing a sunburn that ends up ruining your trip.

Stay informed about the places you visit:

Like any big city, Miami has areas where it is better not to get too close at night; in any case, it is crucial to inform yourself before any night out. You can check directly at the reception of your hotel since the staff will be more than happy to give you the advice to make your trip an unbeatable experience

Traveling alone or traveling with family?

There are attractions for all tastes in Miami, but not necessarily all are suitable for the whole family. Before deciding which attractions to visit, it is preferable to check if they are adapted to the little ones’ needs in the house.

Miami welcomes everyone

There are endless Miami Attractions for visitors and locals, so even if you’ve been there before, you can have a completely new experience at every opportunity. Miami is a city that everyone who visits falls in love with, and it will indeed happen to you too.

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