Best Hotels in North Carolina

best North Carolina Hotels

Geographically, North Carolina is situated near the Blue Ridge Mountains, hugging the coastal plain and the wispy island end to the Atlantic Coast. Indeed North Carolina offers everything for every vacationer. The hotels in the state are also the epitome of diversity. Overall, in the U.S.A, North Carolina’s hotels have always had the best reviews. Be it that you are looking for a calm place away from business pandemonium, North Carolina has something for you.

Further, if you want a romantic spot, North Carolina is still the place to be. Considering the insider statistics, the Biltmore inn, proximity hotel, Ritz Carlton, and Omni groove are the top hotel in North Carolina. However, the list does not end there. Whether you are looking to stay here for the weekend or your holiday, this guide can come in handy.

Herein is the comprehensive review of the best and finest North Carolina hotels that you may wish to spend a holiday or vacation with your loved ones.

1. The Biltmore Inn

As one of the high rated hotels with the top best reviews, it’s sufficed to say that the Biltmore is a place for everyone to be. It’s one of the most favorite North Carolina hotels, located on 8,000 acres of lush greenery. It features meticulously shaped parks, farms, and stables. The picturesque is more lavish after you hit the boutique resort. It’s a five-star location within the inn formerly used as a private residence-largest ever in America.

Being the best spots in North Carolina, there are several activities one can do here. Should you want to ride horseback, stroll around the park or swim in the heated pool, you shall find them in one place, Biltmore.

Being the former home of the historic George Vanderbilt, the hotel features stellar garden-to-table bistros. Live music is one of the comfy that you also enjoy. Further, there is a free bus service, a crammed cyclical event schedule, and an inner-city shuttle service.

The rooms are amply spaced and lavishly furnished. The luxury at this North Carolina hotel, therefore, does not come cheaply. Spending a weekend or holiday here is substantiates the expense.

Still, for expenses savvy travelers, the inn gives an ocean anterior view and bargain-basement charges. Personal services are also offered and a considerate courtesy to the aspect that surpasses other inexpensive hotels. Its rooms are equipped with microwaves, fridges, and TVs. Free breakfast is also guaranteed, served with cereal and fruits. Add to that; the hotel is situated at the ocean isle beach, which is famous for golf courses beach activities.

2. The Proximity Hotel

Regarded as one of the best North Carolina hotels, the Proximity Hotel boasts as the state’s greenest hotel. It has won the Greensboro green award, and it was the pioneer of LEED platinum certification. The hotel’s every corner features energy-saving measures comprising of over 100 solar panels.

Proximity Hotel is located at an eye distance from downtown and the shopping village. It’s considered as the southern gem with superb amenities that capture even jade travelers.

The hotel’s rooms are nicely decorated and fitted with opulent linens. The lighting is abundant with consistent aromatherapy. There is a custom made magi bed, and on the artwork, it’s originally done by Chip Hilton.

Onsite services comprise of the bluebell cocktail service at the outdoor garden. Also, there is the partisan-Esque print works restaurant. The hotel also rents bicycles and helmets for leisure purposes.

3. The Ritz-Carlton in Charlotte

Chanted as the luxurious North Carolina hotel, Ritz-Carlton is LEED-certified. The North Carolina hotel was also the first Ritz-Carlton to achieve gold status. It’s therefore innovatively styled and has eco-friendly niceties. Ideally, it’s meant for individuals whose mood is to splurge on life’s finest things. Be sure to spare no expense.

Things get interesting starting from the first-class banqueting and bar scene, heading up the roofs with chefs garden. And Down as you head to the Carlton spa and inside the pool, everything seems comfy and worth the expense.

On the room sect, windows start from the foundation bottom to the ceiling. They are situated to overlook charlotte’s skyline. Also, the 79 or 65-inch screen is something that makes this North Carolina hotel cozy. There is a secluded master bedroom. As you head downtown, there is an honor bar that avails local liquor, should you indulge in the acts. The Ritz-Carlton is a walk from cultural attractions, dining, and nightlife offered by Charlotte.

4. The Cambria Hotel and Suites

In the inner town’s center of Asheville, Cambria hotel is frequented by business itinerants. It’s considered one of the most budget-friendly spots. Also, its location always seems to be convenient. The amenities provided are perfectly splendid. Business meeting places and facilities are also available within the hotel.

The hotel has a variety of both king and queen rooms. They are well furnished, and some of them give the mountain or city view. Business-considerate in-room amenities consist of TV, apartment service fridge, desk, and tables.

The most important spot in the Cambria hotel for business individuals is the 800 sq ft. event space. Here on can book the space for larger meetings and conferences. The amenities for the main space comprise access to the fourth-floor terrace custom menu packages. You also get bar services and Wi-Fi services.

5. Black Walnut Hotel Bed and Breakfast

If you long for an intimate way to bite time, this North Carolina hotel can be a perfect choice. It’s situated in Asheville’s historic Mont ford district. It then provides the perfect stopping point for viewing shopping galleries.

The hotel’s structure is the original Richard Sharp, an 1890s architect design. The historic English shingle design has been maintained over the century.

A debauched epicurean breakfast is served each morning. A blend in tea is given in the afternoons comprises of complimentary drinks and house-made treats.

For a special diet, the friendly staff is obliged to make you comfortable. On room containment, the Black Walnut North Carolina hotel is well furnished with costly antiques. They contain fireplaces, private bathrooms, and working sects. However, each room is decorated differently.

6. How about the Sheraton Raleigh North Carolina Hotel?

If you want to deep into Raleigh‘s nightlife scene, staying at the Sheraton is a must. The 353 roomed hotel has just been renovated recently. Ideally, it’s now cozier than ever. It is situated at the city’s center, only a few blocks from the Raleigh convention center. And from the capitol building, it’s just a walking distance.

The hotel is well perfectly stocked with outstanding amenities. Starting from the desk, you find the staff to be extremely friendly. As you head in, there is a complimentary coffee and Wi-Fi. The hotel also features a state of the art fitness center.

On the rooms, the liberty is all vested upon you to choose the type you want. Some room amenities comprise a lighted makeup mirror, and a comfy pillow-topped bed is a safe and ironing board.

While in this North Carolina hotel, you will realize the jimmy vs. the osteria bar. It’s a place where you can dine and unwind. It’s open all day long and night, serving handmade cocktails and delicacies.

7. The Shell Island Resort

There at times that you might hit North Carolina with your family members. Wondering where to stay is always the worry, but you need not despair with shell island resort. This North Carolina hotel is located at the Wrightsville Beach. It’s the prime oceanfront and an all-set island stay.

Any family will enjoy the perfect atmosphere and the serenity of the environment. Seafood is offered, and there are vast varieties of accommodation. Add to that; there are restaurants and entertainment spots within the vicinity.

The Shell Island Resort comes with 169 functional guest rooms. They all overlook the great Atlantic and are fitted sizeable living are. Sleeper sofa, flat-screen TVs, Wi-Fi, and coffee makers are some of the amenities availed. There are also outdoor pools, basketball courts, and surfboards, and bike rentals.

8. The Old Edward Inn and Spa

Situated on the main street in North Carolina’s highlands, the Edward inn feels like the best getaway place. It has the top accommodations, and its amenities include heated bathroom floors, rainfall showers french made linens in each room.

This North Carolina hotel was named as the best by the insider. And so to speak, right from the start till the end, you won’t have the reason to leave the premises. Guests are embraced with champagne as a welcome as soon as they arrive, without forgetting three heated outdoor pools. Sounds heavenly.

9. The Fearrington House Inn

If you want to escape the town pandemonium, the Fearrington house can be perfect for you. Its located in an estate rich in tranquil greenery, resplendent gardens encircled with forests.

The retreat gives guests the feeling of being non-affiliated with the outside world. It still offers nice dining and spa amenities. The inn’s interior includes fireplaces, should you want to get cozy. Additionally, each morning guests get to enjoy the gourmet breakfast.

10. Chetola Resort

This North Carolina hotel is situated in the picturesque mountain municipality of blowing rock. It was erected in 1846. Since then, it has been north Carolina’s best hotel ever.

On its outside, you get the clean mountainous air. Should you want to stroll, chetolas 87 acres are peaceful. If not appealed, you can bite your time at the slopes of beech mountain.

Finally don’t forget to get meal reservations at the manor house. It offers the upscale experience of dining. The manor is the only place you get dishes such as pan-seared duck or the roasted quail of Carolina. And as of 2021, the Chetola Resort offers a mountain holiday special all year long.

11. What of the legendary Omni Grove Hotel?

If you are lovebirds going for a holiday or just a weekend in North Carolina, you have to hit the Omni Grove. It’s one of the best romantic places and also if you are after luxury, be rest assured that you are in the right place.

It’s classily charming and famous since ten U.S presidents have stayed here. That adds to the countless political figures and celebrities to have visited this grove.

This North Carolina hotel gives a wide view of the encircling Blue Ridge Mountains. The award-winning asset also boasts a list of amenities to savor. They include highly rated restaurants, communal zones with fireplaces, and a subterranean spa. Lovebirds can hang at the terrace where the setting sunset over the mountains makes the scene spectacular. You can also delve into seafood and swimming activities. Rooms at this hotel are sleekly furnished, and they come with winning amenities.

13. The Umstead Hotel and Spa

The Umstead is the only North Carolina hotel that brims with southern charms giving the guests a tranquil retreat. Its surroundings are serene, and on accommodation, luxury is of great concern.

While you are here, you lack the reason to leave the premises. Stay put. There are top-freaking beds and bathtubs. Further, there is also an all-day-long concierge amenity as well as one of the best smoke design hotels in North Carolina.

If you want to head out, you can roam the property’s three-acre lake. If not ingratiated, take a complimentary bike ride. The hotel also has the famous five start restaurant, managed by James beard.

14. The Sunset Inn at the Sunset Beach

The sunset beach is town though small hugging the bird island. It’s the ideal place for beach vacations, and it’s away from business pandemonium. It’s one of the world 21 best beaches in the world.

Here you get the Sunset Inn – a bed and mealtime typically resembling the 1940s south home. Its amenities start from the private cozy guest rooms with TV service. It goes on to wet bars with opulent linens, buffet meals big wrap around porticoes.

In retrospect, everyone’s choice for a hotel vary. Some may like urban places, and others may want a calm, tranquil place. To an extent, disconnection from normalcy may be what you need.

Nonetheless, North Carolina seems to have everything, starting from the coziest urban female to remotely utter disconnection. If you are still wondering about North Carolina hotels to crush in, consider checking the above.