The Universal Appeal Of Orlando

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The world’s number one vacation spot continues to draw America’s top movies and Hollywood actors. Summer season fever has certainly taken hold in this city by the millions. Although a lot of the theme parks have long since closed down for the season, Universal Orlando continues to entertainment tourists around the globe. Perhaps its more accurate to say that Universal Orlando 3000 is the one you’re looking for, and guess what holidays aren’t complete without them?

Many Hollywood stars and recognizable names grace the amusement park. The Harry Potter series is perfectly adapted for youngsters while the Walking with Dinosaurs and Job Opportunist arcade prove popular. You can meet all of your favorite dinosaur plushies in the Club 33. Although the original attraction had a lot of great roller coasters, Fun Spot was the next step and now trails crucial to the continued success of the park.

Perhaps the most impressive ride at Universal Orlando is the still ongoing Harry Potter theme park. Built completely out of themed resorts and hotels, the Harry Potter theme park continues to add to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The park first started off as a design from Harry Potter himself, seeing the need for a grand place to hang out with his friends. Numerous sets and costumes are used to bring the characters to life, and guests have the opportunity to buy wands and magic wands from vendors. Measuring 13 stories, the Harry Potter theme park is one of the biggest at amusement parks, ensuring all of your Harry Potter needs will be met.

World Showcase

Another big-ticket item at Universal Orlando is the World Showcase. The brand new entertainment center showcases the best of all of the Orlando area. It seems to be a little piece of heaven itself. World Showcase has a 10 story high citadel of entertainment and theme park designed to resemble a city. The theme park is divided into eight sections:

1 – The Magic Kingdom: This is the place to go if you’re a fan of magical spells, creatures and fantastic adventures. All your favorite Disney favorites are here, such as Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion.

2 – Epcot: The world’s most popular theme park makes its way through the heart of the magical kingdom. Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad receive the most of your attention here.

3 – Disney-Hollywood Studios: Two years in the making, yet still only around the corner, Disney-MGM Studios is the newest attraction to grace the Universal Orlando fold. Coming off of the success of Saw Copeland’s Buzz Lightyear, this is definitely a must-see.

4 – Universal Orlando Resort: To bring all of the magic to your doorstep, this is a necessary stop. It is here that the Harry Potter series comes to life. A movie day at Universal Orlando Resort is a must.

5 – Animal Kingdom: The true king of the amusement park, Animal Kingdom takes theme park to whole new level. The place is packed with magical attractions like Kilimanjaro International and more. Make sure to stay for night at the enchanted southernmost section of the state, “Island of Peril”.

6 – Magic Kingdom settlers, Minnie and the gang, will never cease their search for the magical rose. A magical place, never to be forgotten, that is certain to give you memories that will cherish forever.

7 – Space Mountain. If you didn’t see it, then it’s not a surprise that name stays on the planet. ride the roller coaster, shoot the cannon, battle the bad guys, and deliver the line “Space Mountain is Going to busta!”

8 – Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey: OK, technically Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is not in Orlando at all, it’s in it’s own world. Nevertheless, the ride is a must for all Magic fan’s. Coming face to face with the ” Boy Who protected the DOOM!” is one of the highlights of the day for young’uns, but don’t be surprised if the big bad eventually wins the day. Built by some of the best crane companies in Michigan this is one experience you don’t want to miss.

9 – The Living Seas Aquarium: One of the Wonders of the World, this aquarium takes you on a journey through the world’s oceans – seeing sharks, whales, polar bears, and other ocean animals up close and personal. Just make sure your Orlando holiday is timed just right; this attraction runs from September to November.

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